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Rules for Data Usage

By using data plots from this web site, you are implicitly agreeing to the following "Rules of Data Usage".

If you prepare a manuscript for publication based upon information obtained from this web site, please send the appropriate person at Boston College a copy of the publication. If the information from this web site and associated data files obtained from Boston College are significant to the results in the proposed publication, then a copy of the manuscript should be sent before submission to a journal editor and co-authorship should be offered to the appropriate Boston College person. If the information from this web site is incidental to the results in the publication, then copy of the publication should be sent not later than the acceptance of the manuscript for publication.

If you use any material from this web site or received data files or pictures from Boston College, the acknowledgement section should contain a phrase similar to the following: "We gratefully acknowledge the receipt of data/plots from Boston College, Institute for Scientific Research, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA." If you want to name the individual you worked with, that is nice but acknowledgement of the institution is more important.

These rules are made because Boston College has a need to be informed about what is happening in the science community. In addition, the data plots on this web site and data files provided are processed in a routine manner using algorithms which can produce errors. A manual review of data by personnel closely associated with the data is needed to ensure that data going into the scientific literature is free of errors.

If you have any questions or comments about the information presented here, please forward them to the webmaster.